People always message me and ask me, ‘’Ash, What’s the best Product to use for Bulking?’’ This is such a common message to receive and I would estimate that I receive it 3 times a day. Bulking is such an overused term for people to eat crap foods and commonly do a dirty bulk in the winter season. The festive period is obviously the most difficult time to stay consistent with the gym, supplements and diet. The constant temptation of chocolate, alcohol and all the other amazing treats that Christmas time has to offer put people into a terrible situation body wise which is probably where the ‘’new year, new me’’ brigade come from. This kind of ‘’bulking’’ is not bulking at all, its just a term were using to ruin all the hard work we put in to achieve a decent looking body. So to do a sensible bulk is pretty simple, double your food intake and try staying towards 2g of protein every kg you weigh, so if you weight 75kg then try and eat 150g of protein per day, ideally from whole foods but protein shakes are fine also.  

While your bulking its so easy to eat an abundance of shite food from fast food joints because ‘’its bulking season’’ well doing it this way will literally only pile on the fat and not muscle, this will make it so much harder to get in shape when you come to cutting. The key to good bulking is to eat good foods, but lots of them! Sometimes it can make you feel extremely sick but its got to be done. When I’m bulking sometimes, I’m eating 12-16 eggs per day! Stock up on good fats such as nuts, avocado’s and good quality oils. Hopefully these little tips will help you, if you ever have any questions or ever need any hep with your diet then drop me an email at ash@aphscience.com



Simple answer to that, the bulking stack on aphscience.com!!

This is a blend of Rad140 and Ibutamoren (mk677).  I will not bore you with the science behind these products, the information on these is available on the website and readily available online if you do your own personal research. In Lehmans terms, Rad140 is sometimes known as testolone will increase your testosterone levels which we all know promotes muscle building, protein synthesis and fat burning. Using RAD140 over time will supress your natural testosterone so a post cycle therapy (PCT) is required. Our xtreme Test Booster is specifically formulated and designed for this. SO…… the big boy, Ibutamoren MK677, this is the most popular SARM around. This is basically an oral growth hormone, and essentially tricks your brain to produce growth hormone again naturally in your body without having to jab it in every week. MK677 will increase your appetite like crazy, so I would always recommend taking this at the evening times, either just before you train or just before you go to bed. When I first took MK677 I could not stop eating, I really could of done a man vs food challenge and eaten a small village. It’s the best product by far for bulking and muscle building. As mentioned earlier though, very important to remember to eat right and not gorge on bad foods or you will put on fat!

I hope this short blog has reached you well and if you ever have and questions please don’t hesitate to email ash@aphscience.com 


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