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About Us

Now then! i'm Ash. Managing Director of APH Science.

I have had a passion for fitness and well-being for as long as i can remember. Having played football and boxing at a high standard throughout my life, i then found a passion for Strength and Conditioning. Completed a masters degree in physiology and anatomy as well as working as a PE teacher/Boxing Coach. 

I was always asked for supplements and i was basically an unpaid salesman for the supplement companies, until i thought "I can do this myself" so off i went and APH science was born. I sourced the ingredients and travelled to Vietnam to strike up a contract, We have a 4 year exclusivity deal with a factory in Hanoi we third party test all our products for Quality and Purity, we never accept anything less than 99% pure. 

My no nonsense approach sets me aside from anyone else in the industry, i wont charge stupid prices, i will bang on mad sales and i will always make sure the client is satisfied with their purchase. 

I am always aproachable and if you have any questions about supplements, Training or general enquiries i will adhere to respond to you quickly. Just drop me an email at

Have a great day!

Love HARD. Lift HEAVY.