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Growth Stack

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  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Increase growth hormone levels
  • Improve sleep quality and REM
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About The Stack

We've combined Ibutamoren (MK-677) with Turkesterone (our most popular, all natural growth supplement) for ACCELERATED GROWTH GAINS!


NO PCT Needed - just dose up and watch the gains commence!


60 tabs per tub 10mg (1-2 tabs per day. Recommended cycle : 8-16 weeks)

  • Increase growth hormone levels
  • Increase insulin-like growth factor 1
  • Improve bone strength
  • Reduce muscle waste
  • Increase bone turnover
  • Improve sleep quality and REM



Turkesterone works by ‘hacking’ the stress response in the body. It does this by regulating a stable balance in the adrenal, pituitary, and hypothalamic glands. These three glands separately produce hormones that help regulate our blood pressure, immune system, mood, vision, growth, and more.

You can expect to see many benefits using APH Science Turkesterone but here a few of them: 

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Accelerated Fat Loss
  • Prevents Muscle Breakdown
  • Increases Endurance
  • Doesn’t Require A PCT



SARMS are for research purposes only and not intended for human consumption

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    Increase growth hormone levels

    Ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels with little or no increase in other hormones (such as cortisol)

    Increase muscle mass & strength

    As Ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels, users can expect to see increased muslce mass, strength and overall performance improvements

    Improve sleep quality and REM

    By increasing nitrogen retention in the muscles (similar to anabolic steroids), it’s far easier to retain muscle mass during a cut, and still burn fat.

    About Ibutamoren

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    Turkesterone:  250mg - 500mg 

    (do not exceed recommended dose) 

    Ibutamoren: 60 tabs per tub 20mg (1-2 tabs per day. Recommended cycle : 8-16 weeks)

    SARMS are intended for research purposes only. Please do your own independent research prior to purchasing.