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Struggling with sleep? Grab some CBD oil!
Struggling with sleep? Grab some CBD oil!

Recharge - Post Cycle Therapy

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Recharge is an exclusive product only available at APH Science. 

It has the perfect blend of Clomifene and Zinc to bring your levels back up to base post cycle. 

Using certain compounds can inhibit your natural testosterone. 

Recharge will block estrogen and allow natural testosterone to return to its normal range. 

Recharge is vital to recharge your body to keep your cycle gains and allow your body to return to its natural state. 

Each tub consists of x60 blend of 25mg Clomifine and 10mg of Zinc Citrate tabs.

A perfect blend for any post cycle therapy from Peptides, SARM's and Anabolic compounds. 


2x per day for 2 weeks 

1x per day for 3 weeks. 

(please note, always contact your GP an check bloods before any cycle)