Are you keen to bulk up? Any fitness junkie will tell you that this can be a difficult process because it goes against what your body naturally wants or needs. To bulk up, you need to devour more calories than your body requires. You can then put on additional levels of weight which can quickly be transformed into muscle through resistance training or weight training. This is basically any form of training where you pull or lift against a level of resistance including dumbbells, body weights and kettlebells. Unfortunately, after several months of bulking and resistance training, you might not be seeing the results you want. What’s going wrong here? 

There are numerous factors that could impact your bodies ability to put on weight and transform it into muscle. Even if you have the right metabolism and perfect your diet, you could still struggle here. That’s where SARMs can be beneficial and help a lot. Here are some of the best SARMs for you to consider and how they could help you bulk up the right way. 


Ibutamoren is an ideal start to consider if you are keen to build up your level of muscle mass because it will ensure that you can significantly increase your growth hormone levels. This is always going to be key if you want to make sure that your body grows rapidly. As well as that, this particular SARM can increase your basal metabolic rate. That means that you will be able to build up the weight you need to transform it into muscle while reducing levels of body fat at the same time. This SARM has other benefits as well including boosting sleep quality. That way, you will have the energy you need each day to complete an intense physical workout and get the results that you definitely want. 

RAD 140

If you are having issues with boosting your muscle mass through bulking, then it could be a hormone imbalance in your body. It’s possible that you don’t have the right level of testosterone. This is more common than most people think and many people are often completely unaware that their testosterone levels are significantly lower than they should be. RAD 140 can replicate the impact of testosterone on the body and provide the results that you need. It’s heavily favoured by bodybuilders specifically, for this reason, increasing both strength and muscle mass by about 50%. 


If you are looking to bulk up, you must shed fat without seeing any issues with muscle wasting. This can be a problem when you explore other options on the market. Thankfully ostarine is a great SARM because it will allow you to reduce issues with muscle wasting completely and can improve bone strength at the same time. This will be vital if you are planning to lift heavier weights. This product will also lower levels of cholesterol which is another reason why it’s so useful for bulking up. 


According to researchers, this is definitely the best SARM available on the market if you are keen to increase your lean muscle mass. Indeed, it’s popular in the bodybuilding industry because it will allow you to complete higher levels of resistance training. A key benefit of this SARM is that it will provide you with the boost you need when you are working to lose fat. This means that you don’t need to worry about keeping a certain level of fat through the process of bulking. It also helps you avoid the issue of muscle waste that you would have to deal with if you took steroids instead. 


Finally, you might want to consider using ligandrol. This product could provide a boost in strength of upwards of 75%. It’s also incredibly fast in terms of results. In just four weeks, you could increase your muscle mass by 4KG without holding onto any excess fat. It’s worth pointing out that there are no negative side effects that can be considered similar to steroids with this product. Instead, it simply supports the natural muscle growth that you will see through resistance training. If you are looking for improvement in both physical performance as well as your overall appearance, this could be the ideal choice for your needs. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key SARMs that could be useful if you are planning on bulking in the near future. Don’t forget, you still need to eat right and workout to see the right results here. 

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