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The Man Stack
The Man Stack

The Man Stack


• Combines Fadogia Agrestis + Tongkat Ali
• Boosts Testosterone Levels Naturally
• E.D Support
• Aids Male Fertility
• Increases Energy



Boosts Testosterone Naturally

Produce More

Testosterone... naturally

The Science

Studies show that Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone by more than 100%.

In one study, participants who took 400mg of Tongkat Ali per day saw their testosterone levels increase by 600%!

A Bit About

Fadogia Agrestis

Fadogia agrestis is a plant that is also native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Like Tongkat Ali, locals have used it as an herbal remedy for centuries.

How It Works

Engaged Pituitary Gland

Both Tongkat Ali and Fadogia engage the brains pituitary gland

Luteinizing Hormone

This produces more Luteinizing Hormone (an important hormone in the reproductive system)

Increased Testosterone

Your balls will detect this hormone and trigger an increase testosterone production. 

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Maximising Testosterone

Squash Your Stress Levels

You can lower your stress levels by implementing some self-care techniques into your routine. When you're feeling overwhelmed, try to take a step back and assess what is causing the stress.

If it's something that you can't control, such as work or family obligations, see if there are any healthy coping mechanisms you can use to manage the situation better.

Quality Sleep

Make sure you get enough quality sleep. A good night's sleep is crucial for your body to regulate hormone levels. Most experts recommend that adults need between 7 and 9 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep every night in order to feel rested when they wake up. If you find yourself not feeling well-rested after a full night's sleep, chances are you're not getting enough total shut-eye.

Regular Exercise

You can improve your testosterone through any type of exercise, but building muscle is the most efficient way to do so permanently. Timing and rest are important when you work out--if you overdo it without resting, you could actually lower your testosterone levels.

Bodyfat Levels

Keep your body fat at a healthy level. Testosterone levels in men decrease when there is too much body fat present. Maintain a healthy weight by eating well and exercising often.

Eat a nutritious, balanced diet with plenty of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to support healthy testosterone production. Get enough vitamins and minerals by eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

Alcohol and cigarette consumption can decrease testosterone production and make anxiety worse, so it's best to avoid drinking in excess if possible.

Abstain from alcohol and smoking cigarettes if possible, as they are detrimental to testosterone production. Try your best to either limit your intake or quit altogether.

Get exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is crucial for testosterone levels, and it can be produced in your skin under Sunshine.

In winter, the UK has pretty much zero sun, so you should consider taking a supplement (we actually know a really great one here)


To experience the complete advantages of this supplement, you must also have a balanced diet and get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

It is important to regularly get your bloods checked and take any supplementation under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.


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