RAD140 Testolone Low Down.

RAD140 (Testolone)


Testolone is a SARM that is going to disrupt the current Status Quo. It doesn't convert over testosterone and can provide possibly life-time benefits by improving lean muscle mass and stamina primarily.

Testolone, also known as RAD140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (sarm), which is mostly preferred because of its regenerating properties. It can affect your strength, durability and recovery while at the same time supporting nucleus receptors in targets muscles to grow naturally instead of acquiring it through hormonal transformations.

It is a selective androgen receptor modulator which can help build muscle mass with the desired effect.

aphsceince.com RAD 140 has been studied extensively and there are enough research studies that have proved benefits of the drug. The product has shown an extension in muscle fibres in regular cells that receive it which is evident by the increase in size of muscles.



In the last decade, two predominant types of drugs categorized as SARMs appeared in the market – those selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) with classical anabolic properties like most steroidal anabolics and those that exhibit functional selectivity by activating some structural component of the anabolic pathway but not others like testosterone or traditional anabolic steroids. Alongside previous research, this experimental study demonstrates a new potential therapeutic use for 24-HOE-RAD-140 as it is found to induce digit size without altering preference for subcutaneous fat in adult obese males, who had higher luteinizing hormone levels [31].

While RAD140 is a brand name, it's another example of an anabolic androgenic steroid. It will have the same benefits that other sarms have but it's a little more potent than some of them.

It's not necessary for you to use anti-estrogen medication with RAD140 because it doesn't produce progesterone effects. On top of being androgenically active, which results in increased muscle mass, RAD140 is also aromatase inhibitive which naturally shuts down estrogen production which typically leads to fat gain and reduced muscle mass. Unlike other SARMs, there's no need for stack combinations so that people can maximize their results quickly.

RAD140 is a product in the market of SARMs. If you do not know what SARMs are, they are selective androgen receptor modulators that are normally used to aid in muscle density and bone or identify weakness. They are being studied for their ability to emulate testosterone in muscles, bones and joints. Providing only the positive effects of testosterone, because like all medicines, there's ills as well. Side effects include suppression of natural testosterone levels: suppression on sex drive; unwanted mood swings; elevation of LDL cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterol).



The correct dosage for RAD140 for overall maintenance is about 5-20 mg per day on their cycle days (Monday through Thursday) and requires a test base.

Rad140 is a testosterone-boosting compound that was released onto the market in early 2019.

With its low dosage, this powerful drug can provide muscle-building power as well relieve related side effects like depression and fatigue. Although new on the market, Rad140 has already been successful in boosting both self confidence and muscle power of many people.

While testosterone supplements have been reliable male enhancers for decades, RAD140 is a whole different story.

While it is important to know where your baseline is, the truth is that you cannot compare RAD 140 to anything else while doing a dosages and side effects analysis. This is because Rad 140 enables you to gain muscle mass faster and with less effort on your part, obviously having an impact on the amount of work you are able to do given a day or week.

Here we talk about various dosages that I recommend:

- You can use RAD 140 without any set dosage (although I do not recommend this) or any mild dosages between 50 mg to 100 mg in order for it to have the most suppressing effect

- The reccomended dosage is between 5-20mg Per Day

APHscience.com RAD140 is in pill form and 10mg per tablet.

Rad140 helps to provide and improve lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass, which makes it a valuable product for athletes.

In order to be more precise with their dosages, athletes must try RAD140 on different days of the week each time. We all know that’s not an easy task if you’re working or going to school or even travelling. How much should you take today? You will want JUST the perfect dosage and from knowing your body, you’ll dial in the exact dosages during certain times of day - what is best for you Many fly-by-night companies will provide precise dosages for every dose, but that's not always possible when it comes to RAD140 or Testolone .

RAD140 from, Aphscience.com is a very interesting anabolic agent that is being hailed as a powerful next-gen SARM, is RAD140. If you are considering the sarms RAD 140, you may have found out that it shares a lot of qualities with others. It typically has anabolic and androgenic properties, which can make it promising in tissue building or muscle development.

We might start to see new combinations of SARMs as soon as physicians work with our unique enzymes and hormones better.


Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

 A post cycle therapy is needed post RAD140 Cycle

 Aphscience have combined zinc and clomid to form the perfect Post Cycle Therapy in our Recharge Product available here:


Clomid is a popular prescription drug for the treatment of female infertility. It also has hormonal effects that many fitness enthusiasts have found years is used as a potent anti-estrogen and as such, it has been blended with other common PCT products. This article evaluates some of the possible uses and benefits that are associated with post cycle therapy Clomid

At some time or another, we all experience declines in sex drive.

This is due to a number of factors including, but not limited to aging, relationship status, medications, and hormone problems.

Clomiphen is one type of fertility drug that treats male infertility with low testosterone levels. Alongside the treatment for infertility, it is also used for men looking to increase their libido. But what about post-cycle therapy clomid after a bodybuilder has finished the cycle?

The intent of post-cycle therapy is prevention in order to maintain hormonal balance when the particular activity stops.

Clomiphine was first introduced in the early 1960s and initially used as an appetite suppressant. It has since been introduced as an adjunct therapy for chemotherapy and testosterone replacement therapy in endocrinology.

It has been demonstrated that clomiphine can reduce the recurrence of breast cancer; in some studies its chemoprotective effect seemed to be closer to that of tamoxifen. Intravenous use is accompanied by elevation of blood pressure, trembling, insomnia and hyperesthesia so it is always administered orally.


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