Anabolic AF - Triple Compound Blend for Serious Growth
Anabolic AF - Triple Compound Blend for Serious Growth

Anabolic AF - Triple Compound Blend for Serious Growth

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• 10mg Ostarine
• 10mg MK 677
• 10mg RAD 140

Size:60 Capsules


Serious Muscle Growth

Triple Compound Blend


Fuel your inner beast with 10mg Ostarine in Anabolic AF, enhancing strength, muscle gains, recovery, and bone health for peak anabolism.

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MK 677

Supercharge growth hormone levels with 10mg MK 677. This compound promotes lean gains, enhancing fat reduction, overall strength and recovery.

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RAD 140

Intensify your power and physique with 10mg RAD 140. This potent enhancer drives muscle mass, boosts strength, and accelerates recovery for formidable results.

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3rd Party Tested

All our products are rigorously third-party tested, guaranteeing authenticity and safety for your peace of mind and optimal health.

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Triple Force Formula

Engineered for peak bulking, Anabolic AF fuses 10mg of Ostarine, 10mg of MK 677, and 10mg of RAD 140 into a singular, potent blend.

This strategic combination is designed to amplify muscle mass, supercharge growth hormone levels, and intensify strength, setting a new benchmark in anabolic efficiency and muscle-building excellence.

Maximum Muscle Building

Tailored to unlock unparalleled muscle growth, Anabolic AF targets crucial anabolic pathways, engineered for optimal muscle mass gains while ensuring the preservation of muscle quality, empowering you to build a robust physique without sacrificing definition.

This scientifically developed powerhouse is a distinct combination designed to elevate strength, enhance growth hormone levels, and promote substantial muscle development - embodying the essence of being Anabolic AF, (as its name proudly implies!)

Serious Growth

Triple Force Formula

We've combined these three compounds into one ultimate pre-blended capsule for the best results.

10mg Ostarine

10mg of Ostarine is the key to maintaining muscle mass and strength. It is perfectly dosed to add to mass and strength!

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10mg MK 677

10mg of MK 677 is scientifically proven to elevate growth hormone secretion, enhancing anabolic activity and tissue growth.

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10mg RAD 140

10mg of RAD 140 boosts androgenic activity, scientifically tailored to enhance muscle mass and strength through precise receptor targeting.

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Australia Australia

anabolic af

Tried the ibu and rad before from aph so thought I'd give this one a bash. Seriously good combo. Definitely feel anabolic af

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Serious Muscle Growth

Anabolic AF

Maximise your anabolic potential with Anabolic AF, a meticulously tested blend of 10mg Ostarine, MK 677, and RAD-140, scientifically proven to increase muscle mass and strength.