If you are looking to venture into the wild world of workout supplements in order to build muscle and have an overall insane workout experience, this is the guide for you. While the supplements world is riddled with an insane amount of products that are often confusing and have optimal usage and dosages that are not for beginner lifters, there are some staples. 

When we say staple supplements, these are the ones that every bodybuilder either needs up to today, or to at least get a start on it. While you may be curling, lifting, squatting and doing the right cardio and core exercises all day, these are all rendered useless without proper nutrients and diet. If you have the diet part all cut out and ready for your shed-journey, then you are lucky because that is the hardest to start. But for even faster results, here is our shortlist on the best staple supplements every gym monkey needs:

A Good Creatine Supplement

Creatine is a supplement that is the most proven to help muscle production based on research and statistics. While many foods contain creatine, such as the proteins we eat and other ingredients, these are normally lost when cooked, so we do not get a sufficient amount of it. Having creatine powder to amp up your workout will assist in building lean body mass, increase strength over time, and enhance energy levels throughout the day. You will noticeably feel a difference in your last few reps of a set wherein the creatine produces a burst of energy redirected to your muscle tissues to make the final push. People who took creatine were normally found to be stronger by almost ten per cent and were able to complete almost fifteen per cent more reps per set. 

Do note that taking it by itself is useless, and requires resistance training to fully receive the benefits that a creatine product has to offer. If used correctly, it can shed fat and increase strength output with better muscle growth. 

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs do not necessarily directly help to build muscle, but they assist in the reduction of muscle damage after intense training by offering a speedier recovery. This means less soreness and an easier day at the gym ASAP. BCAAs contain a trifecta of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which contains endless muscle-building benefits. This means more energy and capacity during workouts, stunts the production of muscle-degrading cortisol, and less post-workout soreness. These should be taken during a workout to feel the full effects. 

Whey & Casein Powder

Whey is probably the most used supplement on the fitness market. These powders contain muscle-building properties such as protein in high doses, creatine, and BCAAs, plus they come in so many tasty flavours. Mixing whey and casein post-workout is known to be the most ideal mix for increasing muscle mass and offers a good meal substitute that curbs the cravings for actual sweets. Whey has lightning-fast digestion, making it’s way quickly into muscles to build them immediately. Casein digests slowly and extends the timeframe over the amino acid release into muscle tissues. If you plan to build muscle quickly, aim to consume 20 grams of protein every three hours to keep them packed and full. 

Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids can help your muscles bulk-build using protein better due to how it lowers inflammation in muscles and the body. Aside from bodybuilding, fish oils are good for your overall health, with so many benefits aside from just helping your body recover from exercise and gaining muscle mass. 


If you are a novice bodybuilder and are starting to see successful improvements from your workout, perhaps it is time to start investing in the right supplements. The supplements listed above will give you good boosts in energy, better recovery, and larger muscle mass over time. Our advice is to stick away from things you are unsure about with your body, as you may experience adverse side-effects and reactions to them. Consult a physician as well before conducting any hard physical activity and training.

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