If you have issues with your mental health and need a kick up the arse, motivation or…


Bulletproof mindset and Fitness.


Current times are evidently quite dark, especially with the media feeding us all the doom and gloom of the world. Never have we been so aware of information, is that a positive thing? Sometimes yes but in my opinion knowing too much can be an evil mistress playing on your brain. We have access to literally everything now by the touch of a button, we can be sat in Toby Carvery scrolling on our phone knowing what’s happening on the back streets of Taiwan. Do we really need to know all of the things that are going on? I firmly believe in living in your own bubble and protecting people close to you and being kind to whoever you can. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

The corona virus has sincerely affected the mindset of people, just look at the way people are acting in our supermarkets. You have hoards of people fighting over toilet roll, rice and hand sanitiser. These people have been brain washed by the media and shown the true colours of our society these days. Its every man for themselves mindset that needs to be addressed; can you imagine if our ancestors during World Wars acted like this. Them unfortunate souls were having their houses and communities bombed and were eating ration packs such as powdered egg! Did they act like this? No, they didn’t, they invited people into their homes, they fed each other, and they pulled together as a community should. That’s the sad, sad realisation of todays world and the mindset people have, the selfishness is beyond belief.

The main point of my blog today is the impact of fitness and what it can do for mental health issues. I believe that everyone has some form of mental health issues in their life, whether they’re aware of it or not or whether they deal with their issues better or more confidently than others. I myself have suffered quite severely with mental health issues for the most of my life, and the only way I have managed to combat my personal issues has been through fitness and consistent working out. I know that I will have issues with my mindset for the rest of my life, its just something you have to deal with. If you pull a muscle or snap a ligament then you go to the doctor to get it fixed and work in rehab to piece it back together right? Well the brain is a muscle and if that breaks down then you need to get help to fix it and put strategies in place to heal it. Fitness is natures anti-depressant, the amount of scientific evidence we have to support this is literally crazy and why doctors prescribe these pills rather than promote a healthy lifestyle baffles me. 70% of GP’s in Britain are not trained in mental health, this number will drop in the future that is a guarantee as the statistics for mental health related issues rise year on year. In my opinion doctors should all promote diet and a fitness routine to combat and alleviate the problems associated with mental health.

Its clear to see that if you have a routine then you will be too busy to have issues with your mental health, routine is key to life. I found out that the hard way recently, I have been travelling around Asia and Australia with no routine and not training or sticking to a diet. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world if you suffer with these mental health problems they will follow you everywhere, I know for me that having a structure in place, being able to workout twice a day and eating clean food will always be what I require. Staying away from drugs, alcohol and negativity is the key to any fully functioning mindset. In order to develop this bullet proof mindset these things needs to be consistently put in place so that when  something does arise that is out of your control you don’t melt and crumble, you stick your chest out and deal with it.

If you have issues with your mental health and need a kick up the arse, motivation or even just a person to chat to I’m only ever a Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp message away to help!

Take it easy and I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief read.


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