In today’s age, there has been a large movement for better health and fitness all around the world. Aside from the numerous diets and workout routines being publicized online, there has also been a significant change in regard to supplements. In the world of bodybuilding, many would know the growing debate of using SARMs v.s. steroids.


SARMs: The New Fitness Companion


Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are the trending body-building companions in today’s age. Aside from its popularity of being effective for body-building, it has noted to be significantly less hazardous than anabolic steroids.


There are currently quite a number of SARMs available in the market, chief among which is Ibutamoren, also known as MK-677. This SARM is known for being incredibly effective for muscle-mass building, as it increases the levels of growth hormones without affecting other non-related hormones. This means that you get to enjoy the benefits brought by this drug without the fear of creating a hormonal imbalance within your body.


To help you understand just why this particular SARM is useful, here are three major benefits of using Ibutamoren for your overall health and fitness.


It helps with muscle formation


As stated, Ibutamoren is lauded for its benefits to body-building. As an anabolic substance, it has the capacity to increase lean body mass for creating better and fuller muscles. When paired with well-targeted workouts, you can have bigger results for the same amount of effort.


More than just helping in the build-up and growth of muscles, it also helps prevent muscle deterioration. Protein loss, either due to improper diet, inactivity, or simply old-age, is commonly known to cause muscle atrophy. With the regular intake of ibutamoren, this has been noted to be significantly lesser, making it a great supplement for both body-builders and older consumers.


It increases bone density


Although building muscle is crucial to overall fitness, this does not neglect the importance of overall health as well. After all, your muscles are only as functional as the frame of your body allows. By strengthening the bone structure, you have a more solid base to work with—increasing the overall efficiency of your muscles.


With ibutamoren, bone density has been noted to increase over time. While the effects aren’t seen immediately, the growth hormones also affect the bone’s mineral absorption, thus making it overall stronger in the long run. This isn’t only great for body-building, but it aids in the fight against calcium deficiency and osteoporosis as well.


It promotes sleep


Ibutamoren is also noted to better the quality of a person’s rest. Right off the bat, proper sleep and rest is a crucial part of any health regimen. Sleep patterns are directly related to overall energy and activity, which is why doctors recommend a decent amount of rest each day.


With ibutamoren, a person gets to enjoy a better sleep quality, thus improving the amount of energy that a person has to work with. This, in turn, makes it easier for an individual to approach their fitness goals each day with a renewed vigour. 




Ibutamoren is a useful SARM to take for your health and fitness. Not only is it helpful for body-building efforts, but it also greatly improves the overall function and strength of your body for everyday tasks.


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