A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you

bow to it.

The 8 week APH Transformation challenge is now on! Don’t miss out! Join before 2nd Jan to be a part and join the £500 cash prize competition.

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2020 has been a bit shit

hasn’t it?

That’s why we are SUPER EXCITED to start a fresh in 2021 and what better way to do that than by launching our online personal training program with a MASSIVE CASH PRIZE OF £500 for the best transformation, plus other prizes and discounts.

A Bit More About

The Plan

Your training leader, Ash Hobson, has a no-nonsense approach to his training – which you’ll see in your plan.


Every plan is tailor made for your goals. No cookie cutter templates. If there’s an exercise you can’t do, or maybe one you love doing – let us know and we’ll get your plan updated. Same goes with your food. If you’re cutting, shredding, working towards a competition or just getting fucking massive – we’ll make sure your diet is on point so you can smash your goals and get the transformation you’ve been after.

How do you do

The Training

We want to make things easy for you guys, that’s why we’re using truecoach.co to deliver our courses. Who wants to fuck around with spreadsheets or powerpoints to do their training!?


The truecoach app lets us add your workouts and diet-plans. You can track your progress and record your workouts. Hey, you can even send us messages in the middle of the night if you’re needing some motivation!


The app is included in your plan – so no extra costs for this!

Transformation Competition!

£500 cash prize

Everyone’s a bit skint now, right? So, £500 could make a huuuuge difference to next year! All that’s needed is some hard work, determination and commitment to the plan and the person who has the best transformation photo will win a £500 cash prize. No store credits, no vouchers…cash!


Just take a photo before you start the plan, and a photo when you’ve finished and a team of judges will pick the winner. All entrants will get a FREE PREMIUM T-Shirt for entering! Everyon’s a winner, eh!

20% Off Sitewide

All clients will get 20% off storewide!

THE APH Transformation Challenge

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8 Week Transformation

Got a Question?


Well, for starters – there’s the CASH PRIZE of £500 for the BEST TRANSFORMATION. All you need to do is send us a before and after shot of your progress from the APH 8 Week Challenge and a team of independent judges will pick a winner. 


EVERYONE that participates in the transformation photo completion will receive a FREE APH Premium T-Shirt and everyone that takes part in the plan will bag themselves 20% off storewide.


Not many other training programs have that much free stuff up for grabs!?

Easy. Just let us know through the chat app and we’ll swap it out for you.

No problem – we’ll choose something that you can do. Just let us know

We operate on a first come first serve basis and have limited spaces available – so we recommend getting in there quick.

Currently we have two plans. The 8 week transformation challenge (the most popular package) and the 16 week transformation challenge. We will be doing two giveaways of £500 for the best transformation from each class.

So you’ve completed your training plan – go you! Woo! What happens next? If you’d like to take out another plan – you’ll stay on our app and you’ll be able to continue making awesome progress. If you’d like to venture off onto the rest of your fitness journey without us, we’ll let you continue using the app for a little while then remove you from the system to make room for other people who’d like to join the trial.

Challenge Accepted.

Join up to the online best training plan.