If you have finally gotten the swing of exercising and are starting to see your body take shape, it may be time to start upgrading your regimen to bump the intensity up to eleven. What we are about to discuss here at APH Science is the supplement that some of the gym rats use to achieve a physique that surpasses that of a Greek god. 


Now that you’re probably cutting and trimming the last bits of fat, you might notice that you need a boost to shed it off even quicker and channel your inner professional athlete. At APH Science, we pride ourselves on supplying the god-tier bodybuilders with what are called SARMs. Interested in seeing what SARMs have to offer for you during a plateau or just to assist your progress? Read on to find out more:


What Are SARMs?

SARMs is a term that is short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, which is a chemical that has been researched and modified for the use of bodybuilders all over the world. Starting out your journey in bodybuilding or weightlifting entails slow progression and the use of a proper diet, helpful supplements like whey proteins, and a ton of exercise. This can then be greatly expedited by using SARMs and finding the best exercises to lose weight.

What Are The Benefits Of SARMs?

This supplement creates lean muscle growth, which is good for bodybuilders and those who are looking for pure aesthetic physiques. Athletes can also benefit from it because of how it improves and enhances athletic performance, with added strength gains and better fat loss. 


A lot of users of SARMs fall under the athlete category or the bodybuilding community because of these amazing benefits and effects of use. SARMs enhance the level of androgens, which are male hormones in the body, creating a better effect on muscle growth and strength. 


What Are Expected Results From Using SARMs?

SARMs can give its users up to 30 pounds of muscle in a span of a few months, which is highly dependent on your workout and diet regimens and how experienced you are with supplements. If you are already hitting high reps with higher weights and watching what your diet consists of regularly, the results can be astounding and give you massive mass on your muscles. Not only does your muscle weight increase, but your fats will be burning constantly, making those abs show without their “protective layer.”


Other Information On These Products

SARMs come in different types and names, and all come with recommended and maximum dosages. Some of the types of SARMs that are used for building muscle are Testolone and Ostarine, while fat loss ones are Ligandrol and Cardarine. These need to be used properly for best effects and are normally great when stacked with one another. Refer to this guide to SARMs and their maximum daily dosages, which should help you avoid overdosing and experiencing harsh side effects:


Ostarine: 50mg/day Maximum Dosage


Testolone: 30mg/day Maximum Dosage


MK-677: 25mg/day Maximum Dosage


Ligandrol: 20mg/day Maximum Dosage


Cardarine: 20mg/day Maximum Dosage


YK-11: 10mg/day maximum Dosage



SARMs have been proven to be extremely effective when used properly. However, it is suggested that you stick to the recommended dosages to avoid overdosing because you are still putting a particularly new substance into your body. While many bodybuilders and athletes swear by this, remember to consider your limits, as there are no comprehensive guidelines or studies about its long term effects on the body and mind. 


APH Science is the best SARMs store in the UK, with our products being the best supplement stacks for weight loss and muscle gains. Take your athletics and physique to the next level using the best supplements and exercising, followed by a proper diet. 

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