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Hyper Gummies

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APH Science Hyper-Gummies! 

We are changing the game!

APH Science Hyper-Gummies are a powerful, yet tasty pre-workout / everyday gummy that will give you the ultimate energy boost.

  • Low Sugar 

  • Amino Acids & Creatine Packed

  • 20mg caffeine per sweet*

    Are you fed up of carrying around a tub of PRE-Workout & Shaker?

    Horrible tasting nasty powders? 

    Drinking 8 cups of coffee a day to get you through them boring work tasks?

    Them days are over!

    Stop Dry Scooping!

    Simply bang a tub of these in your Gym bag, Handbag, Backpack, Car or wherever you like, we don't care!

    Hyper Gummies are specially formulated and packed with all the vital ingredients you need for energy, focus and muscle recovery! 


    Blue Raspberry

     (for every tub sold we will donate a portion of our profits to male suicide prevention charity Andy Mans Club) 

    Amino Acids & Creatine Packed

    The Only Pre-Workout gummy on the market packed full with all your essential Amino Acids and Creatine! 


    How & When Should I Take Hyper Gummies?

    Literally pour a few into your hand and bang them in your mouth. We recommend 5-8 gummies 15-30 mins before a workout, physical activity or sport.

    2-4 gummies for a little energy boost throughout the day or throughout your workout for a little "pick-me-up"   

    Supporting Men's Mental Health Charity 

    Every Tub sold we will donate a percentage to Andy Mans club

    Andy's Man's Club is a talking group and a place for men to come together in a safe environment. To talk about issues and problems they have faced or are currently facing.

    Every 2 hours a Male commits suicide, this is not acceptable. 

    So every pack sold we will donate to this incredible charity to help support men all around the United Kingdom. 

    "Its okay to not be okay"


    * Disclaimer *

    Do not take Hyper Gummies if you have heart problems, pregnant or breastfeeding. 

    Always conduct your GP before taking caffeine supplements

    Hyper gummies should be taken as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle and are not a food supplement. 

    Do not exceed recommended dosages.

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