So perhaps you are about to get started with a workout regimen and have booked yourself a gym membership or a fitness class program, but what exactly do you do to reach your goals? Everyone who enrols into the world of fitness has a goal. Most people do it to lose weight, some want to reach a fitness goal of getting strong enough to lift weights, while others lift heavy weights to be able to deal with their personal problems. Whatever your purpose is for exercising, you do it for the goal of fitness. 



The topic on the table today is on weight loss. While many say that there are specific weight-loss programs and workouts that are proven to work, that is not exactly always true. While there are some heart-pumping exercises that are known to aid in shedding a few excess pounds, what works better is coupling a solid exercise routine with a great diet for best results. Here are some of the best workouts that you may not have thought will help lose weight:



Interval And Circuit Training



Interval training relies on exercises that spike the heart rate up and down repeatedly to achieve a good burn. These are normally utilized in circuit training methods like boot camp exercises and tabata classes that have stations and specified active rest times. This keeps different parts of the body active using various workouts that make up a routine. This is then repeated multiple times called sets, which range from one to three sets depending on the fitness of the user. Workouts include burpees, high-knees, and using agility ladders to add a cardio element, with some lightweight exercises to tone muscles. With one minute or more per exercise variant and fewer rest times, it will keep your heart pumping and increasing the amount of fat you burn. 



Weight Training



While many people will tell you that weight training does not help you lose weight, these people probably do not know any better and are misinformed about the amazing benefits of it. Resistance training using both bodyweight or free weights builds muscle and burns fat. Not only will you be stronger as a result or look good trimmed down if you continue this, but lifting has been found to increase resting metabolic rates, which burn calories while not exercising. This process is a slow one when it comes to weight loss, but the strength you will gain from being able to continue to lift heavier weights each week and month will still have an effect. 



Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises



Also known as cardio exercises, these work by increasing the heart rate through physical activity like running, boxing, swimming, and other sports. As you continue to train your cardio endurance, you become stronger each time and become less tired. These are the most effective exercises to lose weight because of all the blood pumping and the perspiration that comes with it. Running on a treadmill or a few miles in your area is a great and free way to lose weight. Boxing is a good self-defence skill to have and is a good sport to train with for better results. Swimming works out multiple muscles depending on the strokes you do, and this is one of the best cross-training sports for any athlete because of how it aids endurance and strength. 




If you plan to lose weight using exercise, just remember that bumping up your heart rate and getting a good sweat regularly with a proper diet is the easiest way to go about it. Change does not happen overnight so be patient with your fitness journey because it differs for everyone. If you want quicker results, consider supplements that can aid your path to better health. 



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