Summer Stack 2024

Summer Stack 2024

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The Summer Stack IS BACK!! 

Limited Time Only

The summer stack is perfect for packing on muscle ass and burning fat to help get that summer rig.

The summer stack is the powerful combinaton of our EXCLUSIVE Shredded AF (Cardarine, LIgandrol & Ostarine), Tongkat Ali & Not only that, we've chucked in a Free Vitamin D too! Normally £108.97 but yours for a limited time only for £49.99!! Saving a whopping £58.98

CARDARINE (GW501516) 12.5 MG


  • Works instantly (30-40 mins after use)
  • Removes fatty acids
  • Zero Side effects
  • Selective fat burner
  • Increases muscle efficiency by 150%
  • Reduces bad cholesterol

OSTARINE (MK-2866) 12.5MG

  • Improve bone strength
  • Lower cholesterol and improve insulin resistance
  • Only mild side effects have been reported
  • Increase Strength and lean muscle mass


  • Increase strength by 75%
  • Gain 3-4kg in muscle mass
  • Strengthen muscle and bone structure
  • Does not have the negative side effects like steroids
  • PCT required if taken at high dosage (recharge available on our site)


  • Enhances Libido and Sexual Performance: Tongkat Ali is often used to boost sexual desire and improve sexual performance, particularly in men.
  • Increases Testosterone Levels: It can help elevate testosterone levels, which may improve muscle mass, strength, and overall energy levels.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Tongkat Ali has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels, promoting a sense of well-being.
  • Improves Athletic Performance: It can enhance physical performance by increasing muscle strength and endurance, making it popular among athletes.
  • Supports Male Fertility: Tongkat Ali may improve sperm quality and motility, which can enhance male fertility.

VITAMIN D (1000iu)

  • It strengthens the immune system. 
  • It might prevent certain types of cancer. 
  • It boosts your mood. 
  • It can aid in weight loss.
  • It can lower the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • It can help lower blood pressure.
  • It might reduce the risk of heart disease.


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Unbelievable Value!

This is such good value and the products always slap from APH, very impressed

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