SARMS vs Steroids: What’s The Difference?

SARMS vs Steroids: What’s The Difference?

This a no nonsense blog to guide people on their choice between SARM’s or Steroids.


Everyone always asks me what the difference is or similarities between steroids and SARM’s, well to be frank they’re totally different, some sarms can resemble certain effects of steroids but sarms are a totally different entity all together. Sarms have not been around as long as steroids but there’s proof that there is no long-term damage on the human body as they’ve been first used in the body building industry in the 60’s and 70’s.

So, I’ve taken both recreationally and I have never competed or wanted to compete on stage I just wanted to feel good both mentally and physically. People always have general misconceptions with steroids and the side effects they can produce.



There’s no scientific evidence that steroids increase your aggression, albeit I’m not a naturally aggressive person as I do a lot of boxing but when I took them I did feel I was getting a little more cranky than usual, was that a placebo or self-fulfilling prophecy due to reports in the media? Maybe. But I didn’t feel my aggression going through the roof or hitting people. My advice on this is if you’re naturally a little stubborn or aggressive DON’T take steroids. Also, people around you who know you’re on steroids could not be educated on them and change their mind set against you too, that could make you a little cranky and snappy towards them and they’ll blame it on the steroids. Is there any truth in this? in my opinion yes.


Acne- Well the answer here is 100% yes, people who use steroids often get ‘BACNE’ this is where you get spots mostly on your back and shoulders, this is due to an increase in oil from the steroids seeping out onto your skin creating bacteria for spots to breed. Not everybody gets them, but most do! And it can be off putting for your partner or potentional partners. Nothing attractive about big ass spots on your back is there? And let’s face it the reason we go to the gym is because of vanity to feel good and look good. This can have a negative affect on your mood. People often use sun beds to dry out the acne or use sprays to combat this. Did I get them? yes, not bad ones but yes, I did get them, and it can be irritation and annoying. Especially if you’re prone to picking or urge to pop them. This is the main and only reason I don’t take steroids anymore, it really made me feel shit. I had a decent body but didn’t want to take my top off because I was paranoid about my spot, to the point I wouldn’t even go swimming so I thought what was the point banging in all this hard work and not wanting to show it off a little.


Relationships- Relationships with Partners, friends and family can be affected by steroids, I myself felt it stupidly necessary to hide that I was taking it from my ex-partner. She questioned me about it and I still didn’t come clean. So, there’s a stigma attached to steroid taking, is it shameful to take them? or is it because there’s something a little off putting about injecting yourself and feeling like a junky. Maybe that’s why I felt the need to hide it and lots of others do too. Steroids can make you a little anxious or irritable and if you’re been questioned about it this could exacerbate the situation and cause arguments. I know lots of lads who have had a breakdown in their relationship due to steroids

Sex drive…Erections

So when you first take steroids, it’s like your god, you feel stronger than ever you feel and look amazing too but like anything this is a temporary thing and like any drug you will get addicted and need to take more of this to get the same feeling but as with cocaine you will need to take a little more each time to get the feeling, but lets face it you aren’t going to get the same feeling first time round that you get 10th time round. Sex drive goes through the roof and if you’ve got a partner, they will be fucking love the Test or Tren dick, you’re an animal, your cock is rock hard and you’re horny as fuck. But what happens post cycle? I myself struggled to maintain an erection at 25 years old which is madness, whether that’s because I was fucking an ugly bird or the steroids, you decide. But as your natural testosterone is coming back into production your test levels drop dramatically and you must take a PCT, but most people don’t. this is where you’ll hit the erection wall, low sex drive, low self-esteem, in some cases you’ll put on weight and become less motivated to go the gym. This in my opinion is all mental and mind over matter. Therefore people become addicted and take more and more cycles of the stuff. In my case, whilst I was in a relationship my sex drive went down and I didn’t want to have sex with my partner who then thought I didn’t fancy her, was cheating or wanted to break up. (you know how a girl’s mind works don’t you? Yeah me neither, nor neither do they)


Now I started experimenting with sarms 3 years ago, first ever cycle I did was Ostarine, I felt the same mentally but physically I felt strong and after around 2 weeks I felt and looked so much better. I was focused, driven and motivated. No acne, no change in mood and certainly no erection problems. Now ostarine is a lean muscle builder, or at least its dubbed to be but if you eat clean bulk foods and up your protein you can see some fantastic results as I did from this.

I then took cardarine alongside. This is the stripper in the Sarms Category. This for me was extremely potent also, I lost lots of body fat but didn’t lose my muscle. And I didn’t lose my gains post cycle either like I did with steroids, now was that because of the lack of motivation? Maybe.

Then the big dog, IBUTOMOREN this is a serious player, often compared to human growth hormone this works on tricking the brain to naturally produce growth hormone. We stop producing this in our mid to late twenties, some men earlier, some men later. IBU kick starts the process again. With this comes serious size gains and the hunger on these is monumental, I gained around 7kg in muscle mass using this. This must be taken smartly because if you eat shit then you’re going to look like shit. My advice is always taking this product late at night to avoid grazing like a fucking bison all day and it really helps with sleep!! Which is obviously when we do most of our growing.

Side Effects. I found that the IBU did leave me with a little bit of indigestion and hiccups from time to time but this is no bullshit, I and all the clients I have sold my brand APH science sarms to have reported none and I mean none, negative side effects. No acne, no erection problems, no mood change no relationship problems. Sarms in my opinion are a no brainer in comparison. Steroids are stronger yes, (apart from IBU) but steroids are a short-term fix to a long-term problem, feeling and looking amazing. People who have taken steroids for years may disagree and that’s fine but that’s their opinion. Is that based on scientific research probably not and people watching this will probably comment and disagree. That’s the world we live in.

I’m not telling anyone to stop taking steroids or to buy my products or anyone else’s sarms either. I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions based on conclusive scientific research and taking them myself over an 8-year period and comparing the 2 different substances.

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